Hero ePUB by Claire Kent


Hero ePUB by Claire Kent
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Claire Kent
December 29, 2022
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Hero ePUB by Claire Kent

I was in college when the asteroid hit, and all my dreams and ambitions went up in smoke along with more than half the planet. Now I’m left eking out a treacherous existence in the lonely, violent world that remains. Everyone who loved me is gone, and I’m stuck depending on Zed, my former stepdad’s younger brother. I never liked him, but he and his four-year-old daughter are the only people I have left.

The small world we’ve built for ourselves in the past five years is crumbling at the edges. Our food is running out. So soon we’ll have to leave our home and travel a dangerous road in search of safety that might not exist anymore. To make it worse, I’m hit with new feelings for Zed and start wanting things from him that I can never have.

I know better than to put my hope in romantic daydreams. This has become a world without heroes, and the happiest ending is just to survive.

Note: Hero is a short, steamy post-apocalyptic romance. This title was originally intended to be Mack and Anna’s book, but their story has been postponed until later in the series. Hero features a different couple.

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