Hide Away (MM) by JJ Grice (Epub)

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Hide Away (MM) by JJ Grice (Epub)

When an unknown threat tries to take his life, the choice is to fight back or hide away.


I’ve never had a day in my life that I could pinpoint as being the worst. Until the day I almost lost him. Holding Jax in my arms, not knowing if he’d live to see another day will haunt me forever. It was that moment, I vowed to find every single person connected to his attempted demise and take care of them my way. But when we find out that the man pulling the strings isn’t just another enemy, will getting rid of him be as easy as we thought?


Gunnar is the love of my life. From the moment he became mine, I knew I would do anything for him. But ever since I was attacked, he’s been more protective than usual. So much that sometimes it’s hard to even be around him. When the rest of our team comes up with a plan to smoke out the person who tried to get rid of me, I’m immediately on board with the idea. But will Gunnar’s protectiveness get in the way? I may love him and want to do anything to make him happy, but the one thing I won’t do, the one thing I can’t get myself to do, is hide away forever.

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