His Boss’s Little Christmas ePUB by Della Cain


His Boss's Little Christmas ePUB by Della Cain
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Della Cain
November 7, 2022
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His Boss’s Little Christmas ePUB by Della Cain

Cole thinks his Secret Santa delivery is a mistake…

Cole didn’t sign up for the Secret Santa exchange. As vice president of the company, he never does. When a present shows up on his desk, he’s sure it’s a mistake…until he opens it. There’s nothing random about this gift—the glittery turtle stuffie has been sent by someone who’s seen Cole as more than the boss…someone who’s seen his little side, and that only leaves one person: Nicholas—his secret crush.

Nicholas met Cole years ago at the local club, Collared. It was a brief encounter, but one he never forgot. Cole was the most adorable little he’s ever seen. Unfortunately, the next time they saw each other it was at the orientation for his new position, putting Cole strictly off limits. Nicholas manages to ignore the elephant in the room for three years, until he sees the perfect stuffie for his boss’s little side: a sparkly turtle. He’ll leave it as a Secret Santa gift—that’s not crossing the line, just getting real close to it.

It isn’t until he gets a thank you letter that he sees the flaw in his plan. How is he going to turn down someone who writes, Thank you, Daddy?

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