Hollywood Story MOD APK 10.11.3 (Unlimited Gems)


Become a hollywood star, play your own story and grow big in the entertainment industry.
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Aug 19, 2022
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Hollywood Story is a simulation game where you will play as a Hollywood growing star. You will begin your journey as a beginner who is struggling to be seen in the entertainment industry and soon you will get to meet new people and make new contacts who will help you achieve your goals, though the game is interactive and in some parts of it you will have to make your own choices that will determine your future. The game has many things to do, complete events, quests, and other tasks to earn money and gems to buy new clothes, houses, and other luxury things that will help you stand out from the crowd, compete with other players in the game. Dominate the Hollywood industry and become the next big star, walk on the red carpets and more. Start your journey now.

Mod Features

1) Purchase any clothe from the store that would normally cost gems, the price will show 0 cash with cash symbol, just purchase and your gems will increase by 56000 each time *Make sure you activate both cheats from mod menu then purchase*

2) Improved Anti-Ban *new* , if you were previously banned, then you can play the game on parallel space App, download parallel space or any other cloner from playstore and clone the game, i recommend parallel space.

This option should be enabled from mod menu, then turn it back off. Repeat when you need more gems again.

15 comments on "Hollywood Story MOD APK 10.11.3 (Unlimited Gems)"

  1. marychan says:

    please update 11.0.3 version

  2. mexii says:

    Hello can you please mod Hollywood Story with all or some of these mod features? Here is the link with all the mod features this site has, because they have not updatet the game in 4 months now, https://modgame.cc/hollywood-story-fashion-star-vip-mod-by-alex-raymond/ . Thank you for your hard work.

  3. marychan says:

    update the 11.0.3 version pls ty

  4. madisonstorm says:

    How to activate mod menu because when I open the app I can’t find it.

  5. helpmeplz says:

    and also one more thing, i have negative 400 million as my net worth … pls help me fix the negative networth and fans.. id love to get the house in aspen and the castle in paris but i cant because my i have negative 3 billion fans

  6. helpmeplz says:

    im extremely confused .. i have -3 billion fans?? is there a way where i can go back to the previous amount i had? (200k)

    • madisonstorm says:

      What if you get as many gems you want from the mod and then install the original version and load previous game? If you need more diamonds re-install the mod. Idk I have no idea how this works you may even get banned💀

  7. Analsole says:

    Quick question, why is it when I buy clothes to get more gems I end up getting negative fans as well?

    Like the mod works as intended but when i look at how many fan I have after I useing it, I see that i have like -1,000,000 fans. I also got banned when playing on two different clone apps, maybe because of the negative fans? 🤷‍♀️

  8. Vee says:

    Downloaded the game yesterday, played for hours. I had my diamonds increase once then turned the hack off again. Today it said my save file is corrupt and I cannot open the game anymore, I assume I got banned :c Reinstalling didnt bring anything, any ideas how I can play the game again (and not get banned lol) I read that you can reset your phone completely and will be able to play again, I am willing to do that since its my “side” phone with nothing else but couple games on it, but whats the point if i eventually get banned again.
    Dear admins, maybe you can look into mod again? I’m new to the game and dont know how the ban system works, maybe its because of too many diamonds at once? Maybe it will work better when the diamonds increase will work same as k-stars in KKH? I’m not demanding anything, just giving some suggestions.
    Regardless, thank you for everything.

  9. queen says:

    hello, thanks for your hard work! I have some request. can you moded heart’s medicine hospital heart or delicious miracle of life with no ads or unlocked all chapter or something else pls… thanks!

  10. EtunaEtuna says:

    It wirked well when i first opened the game bu the second time it didnt let me play it said that the gane progress wasnt saved or something everytime i ttied to reopen the game

    I think ita bannable the second time u ooen the game

  11. na1987 says:

    I just play this game. At first it running good enough. But after that, i cant open the game at all. I think developer band me from play their game. Mybe you can update the mod. Diamond times 56000 every time buying object in the game? Its too obvious right?

  12. YulikaZhdan says:

    Please check this)
    Tiles & Tales
    Unlimited coins.

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