I Said What I Said by Heather Miekstyn (Epub)

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I Said What I Said by Heather Miekstyn (Epub)

having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.
It was stupid of Kristen to move across the country before verifying that her sighting of the man who broke her heart meant he’d come back permanently rather than just for a short visit.

That’s right. My latest impetuous actions have warranted me being added to the dictionary. You can also find me under I for ironic, as in, isn’t it ironic how Kristen moved to Mississippi to get away from her lying heartbreaker ex Harvey only to discover that Mississippi is where Harvey actually lives?

Yup. So ironic, Alanis Morissette could use the situation to write a sequel to her biggest hit.

Now here I am stuck in the same city as the man I thought I’d gotten over. The man who I can’t seem to stop running into. The man who seems bent on not only digging up the memories of our relationship but on creating new even better ones too.

I won’t let myself fall for him again though. I can’t. Not when I’m carrying around a secret that is sure to make him leave me all over again.

Falling for Harvey again would be, well, stupid.

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