I’m Stuck Alone with An Alien Rock Star Grumphole by Kiki Moon (ePUB)

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I’m Stuck Alone with An Alien Rock Star Grumphole by Kiki Moon (ePUB)

Stuck alone in a cave… with the biggest alien…. Yeah, I am tempted.

So, being stuck in a cave is a problem. Add the fact that I am injured and there is no chance for escape… that’s a bigger problem. But add a giant stone alien to the mix with his cute grumpy face. Now, it’s fun.

There’s something about Kobble though. Maybe it’s all the years I spent writing fan fiction about him, and his band the Geobros. Or that I should stop him from leaving this planet. It’s like we are connected.

And the way he looks at me, takes care of me, holds me in his arms. I think he feels the same.

But Kobble won’t touch me. He won’t go near me even when I tempt him. He believes he’s going to hurt me with his huge thing between his legs… well. That’s not going to stop me. And as it growls ‘mine’ in my ear… I think it’s only fair to show him, he could never hurt me.

Kobble is my fated mate. My future. My everything.

So give me that tail, and I will show you how much I can take, Kobble.

Disclaimer: The Interplanetary Unity Council takes no responsibility for any of the alien smut found in this multi-author short novella collaboration. Not recommended for youth who have not reached legal adulthood on their home planet.

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