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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
September 16, 2022
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You’re a perpetual job-hopper with no real future… until you save an old man from a group of delinquents. As thanks, he offers you a ridiculous reward—a gigantic mansion with three maids ready to serve you! However, in order to become the ‘true owner,’ you must prove yourself worthy within a month’s time. You quickly accept the challenge… How hard could it be to own a mansion?


Meet Mai — The Go-Getter

Driven by a strong sense of responsibility, Mai is determined to make you earn your keep. A former classmate, she remembers you from your high school days and still sees you as a lazy good-for-nothing… but as the two of you spend more time together, she starts to soften up. Can you prove yourself worthy of her, or will you lose it all?

Meet Sadako — The Rebel

Mature and mysterious, Sadako comes off as a strange, ephemeral being rather than your typical maid. Her presence makes you nervous at first, but you soon find that she’s very agreeable and easy to talk to. The most seasoned of the maids, she often works as the cook to make some of the most delicious meals you’ve ever tasted. But after spending a good deal of time with her, you realize how rarely she talks about herself…

Meet Akari — The Mediator

Akari is the kind of person who wants everyone to get along, often serving as the mediator during quarrels between others. When she’s the one caught in an argument, however, she quickly becomes submissive and apologetic. Always eager to please, she begins by trying her best to fulfill every bizarre desire you ask of her. You find yourself enjoying the power… until you learn why Akari is so obedient in the first place…

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