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August 27, 2022
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Download Immortal King MOD APK (God Mode)

The beautiful Vauprus continent – is a prosperous and ambitious world. The four mortal races divided the world in strife. They each established their own kingdoms and territories in delicate balance, but they were never satisfied with that. In the struggle for power and glory, some races are scheming, some are ambitious, some are moving step by step, some are scheming… They wrestled with each other, bringing war, strife and schemes to every part of the land.

And here you are, one of the many left behind. As the new Lord of the Valley of Hope, finally have their own home, but must face this confusing world. In order to survive, you must lead your subjects to arm themselves against danger, or be consumed by this relentless feeding frenzy.
So, will you be a pioneer who conquers the world in great battles, or will you be a mediocre conservative who is devoured? Time will tell.

The masterpiece of 2022, I believe it will ignite your passion and make you the next Immortal King!

Five factions, seven races, writing a new chapter of epic war!
There are violent dwarves, long-lived dragons, diligent and intelligent humans, elves who protect nature, brave orcs, and mysterious demons. Fight alongside you with over 20 epic heroes from five factions. When the shadow of war shrouded the vast continent of Voprus, the hatred between races, the confrontation between camps, and the fetters between partners were intertwined, restoring a magnificent magical epic for you!

Deserts, oases, ice fields, mountains, explore the real big world!
Ultra-high-precision buildings and vegetation, real weather effects, and large sandbox maps composed of different terrains are free to explore. The infinitely enlarged map allows you to have a more intuitive bird’s-eye view of the entire continent, formulate a more comprehensive war strategy, and combine vertical and horizontal. The vast continent contains huge resources and opportunities. Unlock the fog, occupy the temple, collect resources, and challenge elite monsters on the big map. Not only can you get resource rewards, but also rare hero fragments and equipment!

Business expansion, the army attacked, and went deep into the mainland to seize the city!
Mature and complete legion gameplay, participate in battles with allies, gather legions to siege the city and defend the city gate! Sound the horn of victory on a huge map! In addition to the classic SLG gameplay, Idle War also has arenas, trial towers, war chess, magic dragons, etc., allowing you to enjoy the joy of victory!

A strategy mobile game that everyone can play!
No complicated gestures or strategies are required. Let your army of heroes fight for you and accumulate wealth. Skip all the boring accumulation and enjoy the thrill of battle and strategy!

Welcome to ” Immortal King” to help you become the next king!

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