In Darkness Forged ePUB by Kenley Davidson


In Darkness Forged ePUB by Kenley Davidson
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Kenley Davidson
January 3, 2023
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In Darkness Forged ePUB by Kenley Davidson

For fans of Elise Kova and Sylvia Mercedes, this dark and thrilling romantic fantasy will hold you captive till the very last page!

In a land of darkness and deadly adversaries…
He might just be the deadliest one of all.

Burdened by a debt she can never hope to repay, Aislin is sent by her cruel lord to the mysterious land of Dunmaren, where she must beg the night elves for a single favor. The shapeshifters demand a steep price, but Aislin will do anything to save her family—even travel alone into a nightmare forest filled with monsters.

Except she isn’t quite alone…

Talyn’s magic is as deadly as his blades, but he lives only for his chance at revenge. Betrayed and imprisoned by his night elf kin, his only hope of freedom is to serve as guide and bodyguard to a human woman foolish enough to enter the perilous depths of the Darkspring.

Talyn wants nothing to do with a weak and useless human. In Dunmaren, only the strong survive, and soft things are easily broken. But Aislin defies his expectations at every turn, and what he once believed to be weakness might just prove the key to their survival.

In the shadows beneath the earth, an unlikely bond is forged between the renegade night elf and the fiercely determined human. But few ever return from the depths, and it will take more than stubbornness and steel to defeat the enemy that awaits them at the very heart of the Darkspring.

In Darkness Forged is a standalone night elf romance with a sweet, slow-burn love story and a happily-ever-after ending. If you loved A Deal With the Elf King or The Bridge Kingdom, don’t miss this swoon-worthy tale of sacrifice, redemption, and revenge.

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