In Darkness Waits Desire by Elliott Rose (ePUB)

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In Darkness Waits Desire by Elliott Rose (ePUB)

The next stand-alone installment in the gripping Nocturnal Hearts series by Elliott Rose…

Determined, gentle, and running from unspoken terrors of her past. Belle yearns for the freedom to be her own person, released from her life of enslavement and servitude.

One night will change everything, leaving her questioning what is real.

When she is hunted and nearly killed, Belle is thrust into a world she never knew existed. Alternate realms, supernatural beings, and a discovery of her unique powers… as a witch.

A witch with magic the likes of which hasn’t been seen for centuries.

As she learns to navigate this new life and unravel the questions from her past, she becomes tempted by the mystery of the fierce Guardian watching from the shadows.

Her protector.

The one keeping himself at a distance from everyone. Especially her.

Despite his cold exterior and stern glare that follows Belle into her dreams, she starts to feel something crack open the barriers she has long placed around her heart.

But when the secrets they both hold are brought to light the truth could destroy them all.


Aloof, reserved, and disciplined. Lachlan of Nocturne lives out his binding duty as Guardian of the Soterian Realm.

Beneath his brooding mask lies a dark secret. His plan for vengeance has been his sole focus for two hundred years… until he meets her.

A witch with the rarest of abilities, evil chasing her, and a fated destiny connecting them.

Trouble is, he has sworn to carry out his plan no matter what. To keep his dark secrets hidden away to himself. Making amends for nightmares of the past.

He’ll ensure the necessary arrangements are in place to protect her. But having a fated mate?

That’s a weakness.

The kind he cannot afford to indulge.

But day by day, his every fantasy that he daren’t dream could become reality–a fierce beauty wrapped in a silk dress–breaks down his walls. Now he’ll have to admit the truth he’s denied for too long.

She’s his.

Even if it will cost him everything.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone novel – interconnected with the other books and characters in the Nocturnal Hearts series. HEA guaranteed. Please check the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.

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