In the Dead of Night ePUB by Dead Petals


In the Dead of Night ePUB by Dead Petals
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Dead Petals
November 3, 2022
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In the Dead of Night ePUB by Dead Petals

What happens when a lonely woman without a friend to confide in, finds she’s acquired a tag along?
She has always been a weirdo. A complete outsider who’s off beat in her own wonderful way. Misunderstood and mistreated cruelly by those she grew up with, she’s never been given a chance… Not even by her own family. She turns inward, keeping to herself as she transitions into a world of monotonous days and painfully solemn nights.
That is, until her world is changed by a dark and nefarious follower who latches onto her, gripping so tight that he threatens to twist her completely.
Will she try to escape? Or will she take the fragments of her lonesome life and be reborn as something new?
Whatever happens, she is determined to finally be the maker of her own destiny.

Follow along with this * dark * romance to find out just how far they will go.

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