Indigo Eyes ePUB by Maeve Hazel


Indigo Eyes ePUB by Maeve Hazel
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Maeve Hazel
November 13, 2022
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Indigo Eyes ePUB by Maeve Hazel

They say that love is predestined.

It could be true for all I know.

However, there’s a tiny difference in how I see it. Love is meant to heal, not to be. Something ethereal is the root of this. You can’t touch it, smell it or see it. You can only feel it.

You don’t need time to love the right person. Once you see it, your heart simply does it, gradually developing until your brain is able to process the emotion. No matter how hard you love or how slowly you realize it, it’s still there.

Could you imagine? We’re filled with something that we are completely unaware of.

That’s what Elias Madden did to me. He slowly stepped on a tough road toward my soul, buried himself there, and sent signals to my brain which I ignored for a long time.

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