Infinity Legion Free ePUB by Myah Bawadi


Infinity Legion Free ePUB by Myah Bawadi
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Myah Bawadi
October 30, 2022
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Infinity Legion Free ePUB by Myah Bawadi

Her Legions Will Rise…

At the beginning of this time, seven books with infinite power were scattered about the universe, each one forming a realm to call home and an immortal Knight sworn to protect it. For thousands of years, the Knights led the realms and used their power for good. But now, an ancient prophecy looms and the Infinite Knight Court is crumbling.

Eighteen years ago, Soleil Yamanu was found orphaned in the unforgiving realm of Lex. Now, plagued with dreams of deep blue eyes and defiance in the Knight Court, Soleil is a soldier in The Academy of The Undying Army, and she wants power. When the gray-eyed Lord Acastus announces his search for a new second in command, Soleil sees her opportunity for what she has always craved.

But Lord Acastus won’t consider her.

When Soleil interrupts his speech, convincing him to allow her to compete for the position, she is forced to participate in battle stimulations to prove her worth. As twenty-eight days of battle unravel with Lord Acastus watching her every move, the two grow infinitely close. But as they do, Soleil will learn that life near a Knight of Infinity is one of politics, deception, and unexpected love that she never could have imagined. As her new status bears down on her, Soleil will learn exactly how much she stands to gain, and how much more she could lose, in her search for power.