Inking The Billionaire ePUB by Flora Ferrari


Inking The Billionaire ePUB by Flora Ferrari
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Flora Ferrari
December 4, 2022
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Inking The Billionaire ePUB by Flora Ferrari

CEO, bad boy, and tattoo enthusiast. He’s the sort of man any woman could imagine herself with. And by any woman, I mean me. But there’s a problem…Or two.

It should be the job of a lifetime.

The chance to tattoo billionaire CEO Silas Stone.

But the thought of him shirtless beneath me….

How am I going to keep the needle steady?

He’s forty-one years of pure muscle, six and a half feet tall, rippled all over, and covered in tattoos.

I only got this job because Silas is my dad’s best friend. I’ve got to keep my crush a secret.

Not that it would matter.

I’m nineteen, curvy, and a virgin, basically everything a billionaire heartthrob like Silas doesn’t want.

“Silas will be good for your career, Lauren,” Dad tells me.

He’s talking about Silas’ celebrity. Word could spread about my services, and it could jumpstart everything.

All I have to do is focus on the task.

Not freak out or let my crush consume me.

But then, during one of our sessions, Silas takes me to steamy sizzling places I never knew existed.

I don’t know what he wants.

Is it just physical, or is it more?

I know I should back off and cancel our tattooing sessions.

But then we get more than steamy.

Silas shares things he’s never shared with anybody else.

“I need you,” he tells me in his captivating husky voice. “But it will tear your Dad to pieces.”

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