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Download Journeys Love Stories MOD APK 2.0.85 (Free Premium Choices) For Android.
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Gameloft SE
September 23, 2022
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Journeys is an interactive story game that is now published under Gameloft, the game lets you play many different interactive stories where you will make your own decisions and create your own future in the game, this gives you the ability to control the story and not be limited to only one kind. The currently consists of more than 7 stories, you can read the description of it on their play store page. It also offers you character customization. It has good graphics, amazing story lines, and plenty of choices to make. Each decision will count, you can repeat the chapters if you want and choose something else to change your story, the ending of each story will depend on you. It can either be good or bad. You can check out their other interactive story games:

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Mod Features

1) Free Premium Choices

2) No Bans

Make sure mod menu permission is given.

48 comments on "Journeys Love Stories MOD APK 2.0.85 (Free Premium Choices)"

  1. deepak.majhi says:

    Am having unknown error while logging and it says contact modder … Please help!

  2. Analsole says:

    mind updating to v2.0.69 please?

  3. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod 2.0.69

  4. journelyst says:

    Information: New update available – 2.0.69 / 21 July 2022

  5. adrian90 says:

    Porque no están completas las temporadas de receta de amor? UnU porfavor respóndeme…

    • journelyst says:

      También estoy atascado, ha pasado un mes y la nueva temporada de “Receta Para El Amor” no está desbloqueada. Me puse en contacto con los desarrolladores pero no responden.

  6. BobbyAxelrod 27 says:

    Hello, can I request the mod for the below game.. Thank you for considering the request 🙂

  7. Analsole says:

    hey pal, mind updating to v2.0.67 please?

  8. Tiraah823 says:

    Can you make this for IOS?

  9. Daylone says:

    Buenas, tengo un problema descargue el apk y todo y le quite el zip y funcionó pero cuando entre y le puse de edad 22 luego dijo que mi cuenta fue bloqueada y ni siquiera cargo bien. Por favor ayúdame que hago?

  10. journelyst says:

    Information: New update available – v2.0.63 / 26 May 2022

  11. journelyst says:

    Thank you!

  12. buchananx says:

    I reallu appreciate your wonderful work! ❤ mod work well but can you add unlimited tickets to? It’s kinda killing me to wait for anothe 2 hours for a ticket:)
    Thank you so much by the way

  13. miauves says:

    has a new update version 2.0.59. How to perform a download/installation without losing my save? is it already available?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      You can just install over the previous version and continue, overwriting the previous apk. No need to uninstall the old version

  14. milena8G says:

    [spoiler title=”hola puede agregar la última versión?”] [/spoiler]

  15. journelyst says:

    Information: New game update disponible > 2.0.59

  16. vanny says:

    olá mod faz um tutorial ensinando a extrair o arquivo zip não consigo fazer obrigada 😊

  17. joggattore says:

    @filedb Please teach me… What is the correct way to update the game/mod without losing what has been saved so far? Should I install normally or uninstall the current one and install the new version?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      You just have to install this new mod over the previous version, overwrite it. You don’t have to uninstall or anything. Just install it over the previous version

  18. joggattore says:

    Thank you!

  19. Luiz Henrique says:


  20. João says:

    oi de novo,estava olhando direito aqui, antes desse problema de login acontecer, a série RECEITA PARA O AMOR estava com temporada até a 35 ,depois que vcs resolverem o problema do LOGIN, está com 12 temporada,podia resolver essa questão ? Espero o retorno da equipe , obrigado desde já .

  21. gabrielfbjj says:

    Eu n consigo logar na minha conta, como faço??

  22. João says:

    oi quando vão lançar a nova atualização pro journeys? Receita de amor é muito bom, e eu acabei de terminar, pois só vai até a temporada 12,vcs podia lançar as temporadas novas? Obrigado desde já

  23. Rom3355 says:

    no entra al juego con la contraseña los datos sino con pero cuando entro me dice que mi cuenta está bloqueada por qué no es una versión oficial,me podrían ayudar?

  24. João says:

    ola estou com esse problema ,poderia me ajudar?

  25. vanny says:

    o meu jogo estava funcionando 😕 normal agora está pedindo pra entrar em contato com o mod desde já agradeço por favor ajeita

  26. vanny says:

    jogo não está funcionando o login mandando entrar em contato com mod

  27. RznNePai says:

    Olá, gostaria de pedir que atualizassem o mod ou ou que corrigissem esse erro que está acontecendo e não estamos conseguindo logar, se conseguirem corrigir isso ficaremos muito grato a vocês, se me derem a atenção de corrigir esse erro ai me avisem por favor ok ?

    Hello, I would like to ask you to update the mod or to correct this error that is happening and we are not able to log in, if you manage to correct this we will be very grateful to you, if you give me the attention to correct this error then let me know please ok?

  28. meroko339 says:

    The game was working really well until just now, I tried to log back in like usual but it kept saying “unknown error, contact modder”. If you can get this fixed that would be great, thank you

  29. sandra.xblue says:

    I cant play, i have unknow error. Please help me

  30. JustTheHeaven says:

    I can’t log in to the Game 🙁

  31. Thank you (FileDB) for another Game Mod!❤️Back Blood Kiss Game Mod with Infinite Diamonds to buy clothes in the game.

  32. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod

  33. segevmn says:

    Can you add Journeys latest version with free premium choices

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