Jude’s Rescue by Lynn Howard (ePUB)

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Jude’s Rescue by Lynn Howard (ePUB)

Scottie is enjoying a much needed day off and reveling in the quiet of her isolated life, but then a flight Shifter battle rages directly over her house and an enormous hawk slams to the ground at her feet. She feels obligated to help the poor thing, but when it transforms into a giant sex pot of a man on her couch, she wonders if she bit off more than her mountain lion can chew.

Waking in a strange woman’s house isn’t a normal occurrence for Jude, but with no memory of how he got there or where he belongs, he has no choice but to depend on her to help him learn the truth and trust that her inner beast won’t try to attack. It’s not long before his animal takes notice of his beautiful rescuer.

When Scottie takes him to the local Shifter bar and someone recognizes him, he knows he should be happy to finally have answers. But all he can feel is overwhelmed. He doesn’t remember anyone, and when he’s told that he is the Alpha of Skullbone Flock, he wants to run away … back to the safety and comfort of Scottie’s house.

But an Alpha has duties, and his Flock is depending on him to decide their next move. Do they call the enemy to pick up their fallen? Or do they bury the bodies and risk war?

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