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Justice.Exe Free Download Windows PC
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September 23, 2022
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Justice.Exe Free Download Windows PC

Welcome, you’re an attorney and the year is 2279. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have come a long way. Sentience is now prolific among everyday AI and your food processor or washing machine has agency. The question is whether they should have some rights or any rights at all.

Pry into complex cases, facing controversies and moral ambiguities of Sentient Artificial Intelligence. Your AI clients need you to win for the sake of sentient AI and it’s not a matter of right and wrong; it’s a matter of how much you can bend the truth before. Don’t worry, justice is proprietary and truth is stretchy.

Gather information, speak to witnesses, and prepare for court. Using the evidence you’ve gathered and arguments you’ve formulated you’ll need to fight to defend your client. The courtroom is not a quaint atmosphere, you can try diligently barraging the jury with hard facts and evidence, or cunningly pull their heartstrings, either way, manipulation comes with the territory. You have to tweak how you speak according to who will decide your client’s future.

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