Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK 13.6.0 (Mega MOD)


Designed after Kimberly Noel Kardashian, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a cool and fun story-playing game.
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4.5/5 Votes: 1,108,402
November 6, 2022
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The best part is you are in Hollywood and get to be a superstar for as long as you want. As you are just starting as a newbie, be careful what you say to others. You start the game by choosing your gender and customizing your look. You can also select from the readily available characters. So, when you step into Hollywood you meet Luther Alexander, who takes you through everything you need to know. You do small and big chores to earn your first bucks begin your journey toward becoming a star.

Unlike other story-playing games, you have to engage in every single conversation. This makes the game more realistic to play. There you meet Kim Kardashian who takes notice of you and asks you to join her. And that is how you achieve your goal faster. You play the game by logging in with your Gmail or Facebook where you keep the gameplay safe for as long as you want. In other words, you can always start from where you left off.

Mod Features

1) Your cash increase when spent (Turn on from MOD MENU)

2) Your stars wont decrease when spent (Turn on from MOD MENU)

3) You can purchase anything from the store for free (clothes, etc)

4) All dyes are unlocked

5) High XP gain, you will gain 100K XP from completing a house party that you host. Use with Caution.

6) Energy dont decrease – activate from menu and your energy will not decrease, this will also make your cash not decrease when spent.



More Info!

1) To Fix Glove glitch just buy and use a nail polish.

2) If you get connection error, then just restart the game


195 comments on "Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK 13.6.0 (Mega MOD)"

  1. aaa839 says:

    the game will crash everytime I open it…
    if I hide the mod menu it works..

  2. Mikalia 24 says:

    can you guys please make a mod that gives back all the clothes from previous events?

  3. Tovie says:

    Hello Author! The game updated to 12.12.1~.
    If you have a time pretty pleaseeee update the mod game?thank you very much for your hard work!!!

  4. Vee says:

    hi! the new update came out today, would you be so kind and update the mod? thanks in advance.

  5. TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

    can you make a premium mod apk for the game Forbidden Fruit Story Games and if so here is the link

  6. vietconq says:

    Can you add an option to reset or lower k-stars? I have too much and can’t participate in SYS events

  7. Vine says:

    Hi, love your work! Just wondering if it’s possible to host the party by one click only or maybe increase the number of fans gain? It just getting harder to maintain the rank after some time since the npcs getting a lot of fans in a short span of time. Please do help if it’s possible<3

  8. clashoffense says:

    It keeps saying failed to sign in when i open the app and i already tried restarting

  9. TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

    can we get all 5 mod options for those with Android phones as well? I also meant to say when I had downloaded the game and went to open it the game closed me out and I tried again and got shut back out again also can the outfits and hairstyle etc.. be already in the MC closet/wardrobe

    • Bot FileDB says:

      The game closes because you have not placed the obb correctly so make sure your OBB folder is placed correctly

      • clashoffense says:

        It keeps saying failed to sign in even though i already tried restarting

        • Bot FileDB says:

          where are you trying to sign in? facebook or google

        • aaa839 says:

          the first login when you start the game is Google Play games account.
          you can simply ignore it.because mod version with Google play sync is not work.
          just login with your Facebook account after you entering your last progress.

      • TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

        I did the mod correctly and the mod menu is showing on the side

  10. TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

    I just wanted to ask one very simple thing that I have been wanting for a while now, but I wanted to ask can you PLEASE make a unlimited premium mod apk for Novels Choose your story (here is the link) and Maybe Interactive Stories

    • Bot FileDB says:

      Both of these games are not possible to mod as they are now server sided.

      • TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

        I understand, I wanted to ask you if possible can you make a mod apk for moments choose your story (I think the choices are able to make premium) and if so thank you in advance, but if not can you make a mod apk for the game Last Fight: LGBTQ+ Stories

        • Bot FileDB says:

          Hey we have a mod for Last Fight: LGBTQ+ Stories

          You can search for it 🙂

          • TheCuriosityofSelf28 says:

            thank you for making the mod and I’ll make sure to search for it right away, but I wanted to ask if it’s Last Fight and not Candy LGBTQ Stories) can you make a premium mod apk for Scripts Romance Episode

  11. djenwjkw says:

    Hi, can you please make the mod menu work to unlock all clothes even the special ones like event ones?

  12. akira says:

    Hi can you please help me I can’t find apk file

  13. Jellybean1097 says:

    I can’t access Show Your Style, please help, it used to be okay but now I just get the messages about it but no way of accessing it

  14. leew says:

    Hi , please assist with the latest update. I can’t update mine .

    Thank you .

  15. Vivian says:

    Can you make a mod for those games pls? Thanks

  16. aquamen says:

    Can You pls make it so that shopping is free in the voting booth too pls? Or can you mod diamonds?

  17. brqkenglass says:

    Hello, by any chance you could add unlocked pass event items please I know you’ve talked about why you won’t below but please I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR IT!

  18. ashxw6 says:

    Can’t download! Everytime I do it says “This site can’t be reached”

  19. mexii says:

    The new update 12.10.1 is 0kb, what is wrong? Can you please fix it? Thank you for your hard work.

  20. EtunaEtuna says:

    Hi. I am having a trouble with mod menu icon i have followed the video step by step about placing obb file ,then after i download apk it doesnt give me mod menu icon (i allowed all the permissions: storage and phone call) .. can anyone help me? Any help is appriciated

    • jamiexd21 says:


      You have to go to settings > apps > kardashian > display over other apps > ON

      Change the display over other apps on and then open the app once the app is open add the password provided when you go download it

  21. katie59 says:

    Hiya, I’m in love with your Mod. Can you please add VIP please it would make the mod even more great ( it is already amazing). Thank you so much for the mod

    • EtunaEtuna says:

      Hi can u pleade help me? Im having a trouble with mod menu icon i have followed the video step by step about placing obb file ,then after i download apk it doesnt give me mod menu icon (i allowed all the permissions: storage and phone call) can u please tell me how u placed obb file because i have been tryibg for hours to download it but whenever i download it the mod menu icon isnt appearing still

      • Bot FileDB says:

        Are you sure you have given mod menu permission, not storage permission. It must be called “draw over apps” , “apps appear on top” or so depending on your device inside the same area where other permissions are

        • EtunaEtuna says:

          Omg thank you so so much for helping i just noticed it sorry for botheeing you for no reason 😅

    • EtunaEtuna says:

      So can u please tell me how u downloaded the mod and placed the obb file

  22. jamiexd21 says:


    I really appreciate the mod and all your hardwork i am new to this site i used to be a part of the vipnods crew until it got stopped and found this and ite amazing. I would really love if you could do instant quest completion or tell us how to do it via game guardian please. It would mean the world to me
    Please reply.


  23. adohbae says:

    thank you for replying! just wondering, will deleting the previous obb not delete my progress?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      No it will not delete your progress. Just to be on the safe side, save your progress on FB also

      • EtunaEtuna says:

        Hi. I am having a trouble with mod menu icon i have followed the video step by step about placing obb file ,then after i download apk it doesnt give me mod menu icon (i allowed all the permissions: storage and phone call) .. can anyone help me? Any help is appriciated

  24. aurora123 says:

    Hi, I’m in love with your mod. Can you update the game to 12.10.1, every time I open the game appears that I have to update the game, so please update the game. Thank you again for this mod.😌

  25. jamiexd21 says:

    The tasks we complete with energy please

  26. ConcernedPlayer says:

    Hi! I found your game when I downloaded the mod from modyolo and saw that you’re the original creator so I’ll be using ur mod from this site instead. Also, it could be really helpful if we can insta finish our gig by just tapping it once, there’s no other modders that do that so yours will be amazing! (It already is tho). We really appreciate your work 🙂

    • Bot FileDB says:

      Hey, thank you for visiting the site. By gig do you mean those parties you host at your place or the tasks you complete using energy?

      • ConcernedPlayer says:

        The one we complete using energy, it’s not necessary tho was just wondering! Thank you for replying 🙂

  27. jamiexd21 says:


    I love what you are doing is it possible to add vip and may you let us know how to do the fast complete quest so a few of us who wants it can be able to do it thank you for everything.

  28. Danyel129 says:

    Hello! There is a mini update 12.10.1 if you could update.Also ,sorry in advance for the question, I know you already said that you don’t want to do it but , could you please unlock all the clothes from events? I know you said that if you add it ,the people will use it in online event, but the game is already full of people using unreleased clothes from another mod. I hope you aleast will think about it.No worries if you won’t do it.Thank you!

  29. adohbae says:

    hi! I was just wondering when there’s new updates, how can I update my version after downloading it here without losing my progress? do I just do what I did to install it (obb first then apk) or just need to install apk?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      “do I just do what I did to install it (obb first then apk)” correct

      Just replace the OBB with the newer one and install the APK over the previous version to continue your game.

  30. Lisanna Strauss says:

    I cant log in my FileDb account. Even though i put the correct UN and pw. Lol 🤣 this is insane

  31. israajaffery12 says:

    Hi Admin, there is a slight problem. The game won’t load it’s stuck on the loading screen in a loop. And I’ve placed the OBB correctly and also cleared the cache and storage and everything. And restarted my phone. Despite that it doesn’t seem to work. It loads till 90.5 and then back to 90.

  32. mexii says:

    Whenever I want to login it says “An unknown error. Please contact the modder”, can you please tell me why I can’t login to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App? When will you update it to the newest version?

    Thank you for your hard work I appreciate it.

  33. Vee says:

    The 12.10 update is out, pls update 🤍

  34. Puppet says:

    Is there a way for you to use anti ban so we can play kollections even if we’re over the money limit?

    • Vee says:

      if you can’t play kollections or participate in SYS that means your game was flagged by system and there is pretty much nothing you can do, except try and lower your currency. happened to me too while back, had to reset my game.

  35. idk89 says:

    can you mod this game with unlimited gems and passes


    Please make a game modification with unlimited money pleas


    Please make a game modification with unlimited money please

  38. Strawberry Cake says:

    Can you mod this game make it become free premium choices?

  39. raj says:

    Download link is not available it says not public

  40. Suzanne_Ashraf says:

    Can’t download, I clicked the ad and waited to fully load and copied the URL placed it here and clicked send, takes an entire minute then it shows up error 522, every single time.

  41. MURAYAMA-SAN says:

    Is it possible that you can add in the mod where we can get ALL the clothes? Even in the past events clothes?

  42. mexii says:

    Can you please mod this game: Hollywood Legends: Makeover with this feature: Free Shopping.

    And can you also mod refill Energy on Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  43. zee says:

    Hi, how do I exit the level up. I turned it off in the mod menu but it’s still stuck on my screen. I tried clearing cache but that didn’t help.

      No, I have always liked your site, and I have been dealing with you for a long time. I asked you to modify this game, but you did not. I am sad, my friend.

  44. anna kevin says:

    Are the sys events working in this mod?

    • MishaT says:

      Hi thanks you for the mod 🤩 !
      I wonder if you can add a menu to unlock all clothes permanent please ? It would be amazing if you do it thanks you so much 😭🥺

  45. Sugarcat23 says:

    I would love it if you do it like how sbenny has modded his games

  46. Sugarcat23 says:

    Can you make the mod menu work to unlock all clothes even the special ones like event ones? I love it when it is all of the show your style clothes that is before you even do the sys.

    • Bot FileDB says:

      its possible and keep all clothes permanent but then people will abuse the mod very much in online events and also sell it.

      • Suzanne_Ashraf says:

        Well u don’t have to make it permanent if that’s the case, but at least make all clothes available using ur mod, thanks!

      • nany_chaves says:

        Please do It. Just one more time. I was banned lest year, I lost everything. I love the game and love your mods. Please. We can think a way to those people can’t sell it. I’m from a group of Brazilian friends that loves the game. Most people don’t have money to buy a mod for dollars, the conversion is expensive. You are the only one that do it for free.

      • T3t3ch3y says:

        I hope you can bring back this mod cause I always loved old and new clothes that came with that. I would be very grateful and happy if that is possible. Thank you.

      • reynobody says:

        hey, please do

  47. stanloona says:

    Why can’t I open the game? Everytime I try to open it, it just shows the loading screen for a sec and then closes itself

  48. Alwxcovet says:

    Can you add in the mod menu an option to unlock all event clothes that can be turned on and off please?

  49. Evergreenium says:

    Is there any way to add a mod so that you can fast complete quests? Like whenever you need to tap the bars to get stars, it’ll give you 999 stars?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      yes but that is something very specific which i dont think i will add, its not really important.

      • jamiexd21 says:


        I love what you are doing here.

        Can you please tell us how to do 999 stars via game guardian please it will help the few of us out alot.

        Thank you

  50. zee says:

    Hey there is a new update out can you update please 12.9.0. Also can you add a fast level up please.

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