Kin of the Fallen ePUB by Carver Pike


Kin of the Fallen ePUB by Carver Pike
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Carver Pike
December 8, 2022
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Kin of the Fallen ePUB by Carver Pike

It’s serial killer VS bikers

The world’s most notorious slashers hacked their way into our psyches and buried their hatchets in our hearts. Summer camps became sinister slaughterhouses, jigsaw puzzles twisted into bloody brainteasers, and all small Texas towns conjured images of cannibalistic chainsaw carnage.

But these bloodthirsty butchers didn’t only slay the victims, they destroyed the loved ones left picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.
The parents.
The children.
The siblings.
The uncles, aunts, cousins, friends…

Grief breeds rage and vengeance within the Kin of the Fallen MC.
It’s their creed. It’s on the patch they wear.
For this crew, stopping these killers before they strike again is the only thing that eases the pain and satisfies their need for justice.

There’s a new breed of slasher stalking the streets. He’s heard tales of the Kin of the Fallen and sees the bikers’ threats as a personal challenge. Now, he’s hunting them down and ripping them apart limb by severed limb.

Be advised. This is a work of extreme horror and contains very graphic elements.

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