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Kindle by Elouise East (ePUB)

Good first appearances are crucial…

Striking out with his own therapy business is Marcus’s dream. Getting clients to take a chance on him, however, is not as easy. So when his sister gives him a ticket to meet a prospective new client on a train to Edinburgh, he accepts. But when he finds out his “client” is actually supposed to be his date, he has to pivot – fast.

Levi’s dream is to stay at home and hibernate. He doesn’t need to leave home to make money – being a voice actor gives him that. But he wants to share his life with someone, and to do that, he needs to find them. Not so easy. He signs up to Illuminate Matchmaking, hoping they’ll take the anxiety out of meeting someone new.

It’s a shame his date doesn’t want to be there…

A mistaken identity, MM matchmaking novella.

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