Knot my Mate by Alice Clyde (Epub)

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Knot my Mate by Alice Clyde (Epub)

The fires of vengeance burn deep in my chest. I’m ready to claim my real identity and expose Callahan’s true face to the world but my way is strewn with obstacles.
Callahan managed to escape our trap but he shouldn’t mistake our momentary retreat to be our defeat.
We’re closing the net around him slowly, making sure he can never slip away again.
My mates and I are ready to fight him and his shadow army that has been disrupting the peace in our society. We’ll never let the sacrifices of our ancestors and brave soldiers go in vain.
Victory looms close but can I make it out alive without losing my mates to the evil Black Widow?
The threads of fate have long bound me to my four mates and I am determined to protect them even if it costs me my life.

This is the third and final book in the Solveig Pack series and takes place in an omegaverse universe with no shifters.

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