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Download Knot my Pack Free ePUB & PDF by Alice Clyde
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Alice Clyde
August 5, 2022
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Download Knot my Pack Free ePUB & PDF by Alice Clyde

Born as a beta, I grew up on the scraps left behind by Delilah, my older sister, who was always treated like a queen in our home.
Despite the adoration my omega sister received from everyone, I was okay with the life of a hardworking beta. Posing and preening in beautiful gowns wasn’t my thing anyway.
Mastering taekwondo and getting my hacking algorithms to work were the greatest priorities of my life.

Everything changes the day mercenaries from the notorious Solveig Pack charge into our home, claiming my parents cheated them.

My parents took a huge loan from the Solveig alphas. Their contract says they’d have to hand over Delilah to them if they failed to pay back their debt.

My parents abandoned me when they fled with their precious omega daughter. I’m captured instead and brought to the pack’s den.

Things take a worse turn when I realize the effects the Solveig alphas are having on me. Turns out the “vitamin” pills my mother was feeding me were suppressants. I’m an omega and in pre-awakening!

I can’t let them know of my secret.

There’s no way I’ll ever be an omega to the alphas who destroyed my family.
I’ll fight my raging omega instincts until I can find an escape.

They’re wrong if they think they can own me. I’m not the meek beta they assume me to be.
I’ll never surrender to them because they’re knot my pack.

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