Kyrzon’s Claim ePUB by Luna Voss


Kyrzon's Claim ePUB by Luna Voss
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Luna Voss
November 5, 2022
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Kyrzon’s Claim ePUB by Luna Voss

An alien planet, 20 crash-landed human women trying to survive… and a clan of warriors desperate for mates.

Yesterday, my life was boring. Crummy job, skyrocketing bills, and my only romance in years with a “boyfriend” I plugged into the wall at night.

Today, I crash-landed on an unknown planet. And now I’ve been captured—err, “rescued”—by a seven-foot-tall barbarian who seems to have a crush on me. He promises he’ll keep me safe, but when he looks at me, there’s a hunger in his eyes that makes me shiver.

It turns out on this planet, women are the most valuable resource there is. Tribes go to war for them. Men fight and die for the chance to claim one as a mate. And now this huge, virile beast has me all to himself. And he really wants me to have his babies.

Each book in the Kyrzon Island Tribe series follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone.

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