Lady in Waiting by Eileen Troemel (ePUB)

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Lady in Waiting by Eileen Troemel (ePUB)

A princess on the run…

A month out from the assassination attempt on Mel, John brings his brother on as a possible man at arms. Charlie likes to tease and joke but his jibes don’t make Mel laugh. Charlie thinks she’s spoiled and using his brother. He calls her princess every chance he gets until…

Princess Jabulile is sent by Mel’s Aunt Dot to get protection for herself and her orphaned niece Thembesa. From the moment the two step on Space Station Joplin, the violence and assassination attempts begin.

Charlie stops joking around and starts taking it serious when he holds Jabu in his arms. He puts his body between her and death. Can he convince her to trust him or will he lose Jabu and Themba to those who want their queen’s crown?

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