Layla ePUB by Amy Cummings


Layla ePUB by Amy Cummings
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Amy Cummings
December 26, 2022
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Layla ePUB by Amy Cummings

Welcome to Brennan County, Texas. Things are a little different down here.

The strong men of Brennan County know how to handle their naughty brides: a trip over their knee, to the woodshed, or any ol’ spot will do. When the women act up, they get exactly what’s coming to them. That’s just the way the brides want it, too.
That’s why, inspired by the famous Mountainville, the folks of Brennan County made their own unique community where they can practice their lifestyle openly, without the fear of being ridiculed…or worse.
When Layla says, “I do,” to her tough, handsome, rugged cowboy, Kirk, she’s eager to start a new life among people who understand. But submission isn’t always easy. And regression can be even harder.
Sinister forces are at work, though, and a mystery is unfolding that might just bring an end to this burgeoning community before it even has a chance to blossom…

The Blushing Brides of Brennan County is a new series from Amazon bestselling author Amy Cummings. Each quick tale is a complete story but there is an overarching mystery that unfolds throughout the course of season one (six books), so expect a cliffhanger or two. These books feature consenting adults engaged in Domestic Discipline, including spanking and other forms of punishment. They also contain some regression and Age Play elements along with humiliating medical exams and very intimate levels of care. If such offends you, this is not the series for you. If you want some highly kinky and steamy fun, then buckle in and hold on! Things get mighty wild.
For adults only.

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