Less is Moore ePUB by Anna Castor


Less is Moore ePUB by Anna Castor
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Anna Castor
January 2, 2023
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Less is Moore ePUB by Anna Castor

“The rope marking your skin isn’t there to oppress you, little one. It’s there to set you free.”

After years of searching, Megan Carlisle and her two five-year-old twin daughters finally find their last remaining relative in a rural area outside of Austin, Texas.

Unfortunately, Megan’s grandfather is dying and he is adamant about leaving her his thirty-acre farm with four horses, fifteen pigs and a farm house that could fall apart any minute.

Megan is a twenty-three-year-old single mother from Vegas. She knows nothing about farming, but this is her ticket out of trouble and far away from her haunted past. Her grandfather’s final words will change her life forever: “Never sell the farm. Ask the next-door Moore family for help.”

As the oldest sibling and only son, Ryan Moore grew up knowing that one day he would take over his parents’ farm. The responsibilities of continuing their family’s legacy while looking out for his five younger sisters have left Ryan stern and blunt.

Ryan doesn’t have time for a new sunny neighbour who knows nothing about farming. Especially when Megan stirs dark parts deep inside, making him daydream about roping the pretty little blonde and having his way with her in one of his stables.

Are you ready for a hot, alpha farmer who likes to take control? And a little spitfire who will do her best to keep herself out of his demanding but skilful hands?

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