Lethal Vengeance ePUB by Stella Brie


Lethal Vengeance ePUB by Stella Brie
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Stella Brie
December 30, 2022
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Lethal Vengeance ePUB by Stella Brie

Vengeance is the name your soul screams when it shatters. It’s a call into the darkness, a promise to Death himself, to abandon the light until death is served to those who wronged you.

Three years ago, they took the only person who mattered and dumped her like trash in the desert. Justice failed Quinn. Vengeance would not.

Two enemies. One down, one to go. But the only way to get to him is to live in the shadows, abandoning right for wrong.

After a year, she’s close to gaining her enemy’s trust. One more job and he’ll reward her with a position in his organization. Unfortunately, it’s not a task for one person.

Quinn hires the Santos Foundation to rescue two girls. Run by an ex-military leader named Zane, the group arrives in Mexico, suspicious of her and her motives, but they agree to the job.

Working with Zane, Cruz, Sterling, and Raider impact Quinn in ways she didn’t expect, bringing back memories of the past and the person she used to be. Falling into their kisses is as easy as breathing, but she refuses to let temptation derail her from the path she’s chosen.

This is a why choose, contemporary reverse harem, FMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

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