Liar Liar Free ePUB by Christine Gael


Liar Liar Free ePUB by Christine Gael
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Christine Gael
October 28, 2022
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Liar Liar Free ePUB by Christine Gael

Come to Pelican Point for the charming locale and quirky townsfolk.

Stay for the secrets…

When Willa Dimitriou joined a cancer support group, she hoped it would help her come to grips with her diagnosis. Never in a million years did she expect to make a new best friend. Ruthie McKenzie was the kind of friend that not only told her when she had spinach between her teeth, but leaned in and picked it out for her if she had to. A once in lifetime friend, like a bow-topped gift from the fates as penance for cursing her with this horrible disease.

And then, in the cruelest twist of all, the fates snatched her away. When Willa receives a letter from Ruthie after her death, it takes days before she can bring herself to read it. And once she does? She wishes she’d never read it at all…

Dearest Will,

First, I need you to know that you’ve been my greatest blessing for the past two years. You gave me the motivation I needed to keep fighting when I couldn’t muster up my own. You made me laugh when I thought I had no more laughs left in me. You never pitied me or coddled me, except when I needed you to do both. I thank God every day that you came into my life.

And, now that you’re all soft and buttered up, I need a favor. I need you to drop everything, go to Pelican Point and take care of my brother and the kids.

I’m sure Mac is reeling right now. He’s going to climb into his shell and stay there, because he’s a big, dumb lug when it comes to emotions and that’s what he did when his wife died. But the kids will have lost the closest thing they’ve had to a mother for the past three and a half years, and they’re going to be grieving, too. They’ll try to bang on that shell and get through to him, but Mac won’t even hear them knocking. That’s where you come in. A ball of energy and determination, you’ll shatter that shell and leave nothing but eggy shrapnel in your wake.

To meet those ends, I bought the house next door to Mac’s. The deed is in your name. The place is small and needs some love and attention, but you’re so good at giving both, I didn’t think you’d mind. Will, it’s important that you know this is a gift without strings. You hate your job, and not having to come up with rent will buy you some time to figure out what and who you want to be going forward. If you choose to spend that time in Pelican Point, more the better. If not, and you want to sell the house, that’s alright too. Thrive. Live. Love. Take the second chance you’ve been granted and don’t waste a single minute of it.


If you DO decide to head to Pelican Point and stay awhile, please don’t tell Mac why you’ve come. The quickest way to ensure he won’t accept help is to offer it and say it’s from me. He thinks I “meddle” too much. I also worry that he would find a way to blame himself for me not leaning on and confiding in him instead of baring my soul to a room full of strangers at a support group. He’s the best guy I know, but he’s even more stubborn than me (if you can believe it!) and will cut the whole thing off at the knees if given the chance.

Don’t give him the chance.

And now for the apologies… I’m sorry for so many things, Will. I’m sorry because I know you’re hurt that I didn’t tell you about the relapse. I’m sorry I lied to you, and that I have to leave you behind. And most of all, I’m sorry to ask this monumental favor of you. I know it’s a lot, but I’m selfish, so I’m asking anyway.

Whenever you see a ladybug, know it’s me, watching over you (but also low-key checking in to see if you’ve decided to grant my dying wish).

No pressure.

Love you forever,

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