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Live Shot by Dick Wybrow (ePUB)

TV reporter Melody Sunday is investigating the most important case of her career: The murder of her husband.

After Detective Osbert “Oz” Reynolds is gunned down in the damp, cold lobby of a Kansas City apartment building, it looks like a random killing by a whacked-out junkie.

But it’s not random. Not at all.

For years, Melody has been a TV Features reporter covering “fluff” stories. High School spelling bees, shuffle board tournaments, and mall openings. And she’s conducted far too many “interviews” with zoo animals.

Melody has now become a Crime Reporter, tracking down those responsible Oz’s murder. However, the junkie who pulled the trigger soon turns up dead. So does his drug syndicate handler. Those leads exhausted, Melody is now in Atlanta to track down the man at the top of the criminal organization, Arthur Levitin.

On the surface, it simply looks like she’s merely trying to investigate the crime. But her husband’s death awakened something inside her. Something she never knew was there.

Melody Sunday is trying to discover if Levitin ordered the hit on her husband. If she does, she’ll have more than just a story.

She will have justice.

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