Losing the Cybersecurity War Free PDF by Steve King, Kiren Chaudry


Losing the Cybersecurity War Free PDF by Steve King, Kiren Chaudry
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Steve King
October 28, 2022
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Losing the Cybersecurity War Free PDF by Steve King, Kiren Chaudry

This book explains the five pillars or battlefields of cybersecurity and how a Zero Trust approach can change the advantage on each battlefield. We have taken a deep dive into each of five battlefields where we have a decided disadvantage due to constitutional structure and moral behavioral guidelines, where we provide examples of how we got here, what we can do about it, why we got here, and how we can avoid these traps in the future. This is a unique viewpoint that has never been explored – the five battlefields include Economics, Technology, Information, Education, and Leadership – and how each has contributed to our current disadvantage on the global stage. We go on to discuss how Zero Trust can change the game to create an advantage for us going forward. The credibility of Zero Trust stems directly from the father of Zero Trust, John Kindervag, who says, “And now, Steve has written a new book on Zero Trust called Losing the Cybersecurity War: And What We Can Do to Stop It. It is undeniably the best Zero Trust book yet written. While other writers have focused on implementing Zero Trust from their perspectives, Steve focuses on why Zero Trust is so important on the modern cybersecurity battlefield. His concept of the five cyber battlefields is a great insight that will help us win the cyberwar. By weaving Zero Trust principles throughout these five concepts, Steve demonstrates how the ideas and efforts involved in building Zero Trust environments will lead to a profound shift in terrain advantage. No longer will attackers own the high ground. As defenders and protectors, we can leverage modern technology in a Zero Trust way to keep our data and assets safe from infiltration and exploitation.”

Steve King is the Managing Director; CyberTheory and Founder/Executive Director, CyberEd.io; cybersecurity Expert certified CISM and CISSP. He has 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity markets as CISO, CEO, and CMO; he is a Cybersecurity Technology Product and Services Sector founder and innovator; Digital Branding and Ad Agency founder, and his clients have included Starbucks, Matson, Abercrombie & Fitch, Harley Davidson, Lucky Brand, United Airlines, and Nike. He is a 3x Cybersecurity Start-up Founder and Exec, he has raised $40 million in VC, and he possesses multiple patents.

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