Lost With Lightning by Ashe Moon (ePUB)


Lost With Lightning by Ashe Moon (ePUB)
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Ashe Moon
January 23, 2023
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Eli is an orphan omega who has always taken care of himself. He’s completely shunned the use of his thunder dragon form to learn the human healing arts, and has never once wanted an alpha—but when an accident puts him into the protective “dad arms” of Theo, a fire drake many years his senior, a lifetime of repressed desires comes crackling to the surface.
After losing his mate twenty years ago, Theo’s dragon flame has steadily gone cold. He never thought he’d fall for another omega—especially one more than half his age—but the healer pretending to be a human won’t leave his mind. Can Theo guide Eli through the pleasures of embracing his dragon self? Or will they lose each other to the wounds they can’t forget?

Lost With Lightning is the eighth book in the Dragon Firefighters mpreg series. It expands on the characters and story introduced in the previous books, and while it can be enjoyed as a standalone it’s recommended you read the preceding books first. This book features: A May-December romance, a single dad, doctor and patient, a slow burn (to high heat!), accidental electric shocks (to naughty places), sweet and nurturing characters, friendship and found family, romantic walks on the beach, medium angst (healing past traumas), dragon eggs, a cathartic tear-filled ending, and as always, a happily ever after!

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