Love and Passion Episodes MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets, Gems)


Love and Passion is a free interactive story game where you can be the main character in your romantic love story.
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4.5/5 Votes: 985
September 22, 2022
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The brand new interactive love story game from the creators of Tabou and My Story, welcome to the new game where you will play as the main character and create your own love story by making choices that will determine your future. The game has really beautiful graphics and gameplay, you can customize your character and the people around you will also react to your outfits and styles. So try to make more premium choices, our mod will provide you with unlimited keys and gems to spend so you can enjoy the story without worrying about the currency. The stories are very well written with deep story lines that you will love, there are also plenty of choices to make and each one will change the story. Find out many different endings, good or bad it will totally depend on you.

Mod Features

1) Complete any chapter and you will be rewarded with 250 Gems

2) You will have unlimited tickets by default

3) Club pass activated

Make sure MOD MENU permission is given

23 comments on "Love and Passion Episodes MOD APK 2.4.2 (Unlimited Tickets, Gems)"

  1. shayla_s1 says:

    can you plz update ; )

  2. madalina900 says:

    Any chance we can get an update 🥺

  3. faithk225 says:

    Can you please update to 2.4? Thank you.

  4. daph99 says:

    Thanks for the update! Can you guys also mod this game:

  5. faithk225 says:

    Can you please update to version 2.2.4? Thank you.

  6. aninha0812 says:

    Thx for the uptade 🥰

  7. aninha0812 says:

    Hi admin, theres a new uptade 2.2.3

  8. iyaz says:

    There’s a new update 2.2.2

  9. pinkhaze says:

    Hello, please update. Thank you.

  10. Silvanavanadim12 says:

  11. faithk225 says:

    Please update to version 2.2.1. Thank you!

  12. pinkhaze says:

    Hello, please update to version 2.2. Thank you

  13. acuriouslittlelady says:

    I haven’t been able to open this app properly because it’ll either get stuck in loading or it’ll crash. Thought you should know! Thank you!

  14. Ksunya0507 says:

    Add please mod of the game LOVE FANTASY: ROMANCE EPISODE

  15. esclarecer says:

    mod college Love Game

  16. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod


    No, I have always liked your site, and I have been dealing with you for a long time. I asked you to modify this game, but you did not. I am sad, my friend.

  18. SEBTI OUANOUGHI says: Please mod this game please

  19. acuriouslittlelady says:

    Whoops! Thanks for clarifying! I appreciate it!

  20. acuriouslittlelady says:

    Hello! The mod doesn’t work, when you use the gems and there’s not enough, the game stops you. I was wondering if it can be like the other app Tabou? The mod for that works!

  21. shadowhunter says:

    Game won’t open, it says unknown error please contact the modder

  22. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod )

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