Love Me Right Or Don’t Love Me At All 2 by Diamond D. Johnson (Epub)

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Love Me Right Or Don’t Love Me At All 2 by Diamond D. Johnson (Epub)

In this roller coaster of love that these characters have taken us on, we can all agree that Mehki has messed up big time. A few mistakes in his marriage caused him to lose his family. Two years have passed since Mia and Mehki’s split, and in those two years, Mia hadn’t given in to any of Mehki’s advances until now. She can’t deny the love she still has for this man. Her heart tells her to forgive him and try their love again, but what will the world think? Mia battles with taking everyone’s opinions to heart, which causes her to hold back on going to the very place that she wants to be, which is home. The world was exposed to the infidelities in her marriage, the embarrassment, and the heartbreak. They’ll think she’s foolish for taking Mehki back, but ultimately, the world isn’t the one that will have the final say so.

Then, there’s Loyal and Saint. Those two are deeply in love. When it comes to romance, nothing is off the table. Not that Loyal and Saint needed any spice added to their relationship, but they did it anyway, and now things have gone awry. While planning their beautiful wedding, one night of forbidden pleasure causes things between them to shift, putting their nuptials in question.

This rollercoaster isn’t even close to slowing down in this next installment. If anything, there are more bumps, twists, and turns along the way. Relationships are tested, enemies are growing by the day, and you will question whether anyone will get a happily ever after. The way things are going, it will be a shock if everyone makes it to the end.

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