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K.L. Ramsey
August 15, 2022
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Carter Lust was supposed to be dead—two times over now, but fate had a way of keeping him alive, helping him to beat the odds. The Gluttony Syndicate murdered his parents when he and his sister were just kids. Carter and Nixon had somehow escaped the raid that took their parents from them and were hidden away, so that one day they’d be able to come back and reignite the Lust Syndicate. He had waited years to have his family’s name restored and now, one woman stood in his way. Bringing down Eloise Sinclair was the only way to stay alive and this time, he wasn’t sure that fate would care if he beat the odds or not.

Eloise Sinclair wasn’t sure how she was supposed to follow through with Bruno Gluttony’s plan to bring down sexy Carter Lust. All she could think about was getting him naked and letting him take her on the veranda again. She had weaseled her way into Carter’s life, pretending to be his interior designer, but he was too smart for her. Carter had found out her plan and that meant that saving her brother, Tomas, from the Gluttony Syndicate would never happen now. When Bruno Gluttony changed the rules, wanting her to kill Carter, Eloise decided it was something she couldn’t do—not now that she knew he was the father of her unborn child. Her only hope would be to come clean with Carter and pray that he could protect all three of them from the Gluttony Syndicate.
Lust is book four of The Deadly Sins Syndicate by K.L. Ramsey.

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