Mafia Beast ePUB by Shanna Handel


Mafia Beast ePUB by Shanna Handel
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Shanna Handel
July 31, 2022
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Mafia Beast ePUB by Shanna Handel

She’ll soon learn what happens to naughty girls.
We shared one dance, the Beast and I.
I can still feel his huge hands on my body.
When I saw something suspicious, I had to investigate.
I found out just what a beast he is.
He punished me in the back alley for spying…
Leaving my lips swollen and my skin burning.
I should steer clear, never see him again.
But something out of my control binds the two of us.
He takes me captive, dragging me to his castle.
I want to resist him…
But my body demands I give into his wicked ways.
He leaves me filled with shame and desire for more.
I know exactly how much danger I’m in, but does he?
Did she really think I wouldn’t catch her?
I used her for my pleasure, putting her on her knees.
After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
She wants nothing to do with me.
Too bad.
It’s out of her hands now.
I will take her to my house.
I will keep her there.
I will make her mine.
I’ll do everything I can to protect her but Beasts don’t fall in love.

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