Mafia Grace by Diane Portman-Ray (ePUB)

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Mafia Grace by Diane Portman-Ray (ePUB)

War is a small price for love and he’s ready to stain the battlefield with blood to get what’s rightfully his.

Grazia Caputo was betrothed to Salvatore Fiori since birth. Their marriage was supposed to unite Sicily under one dark empire, but their fathers broke the island in half instead. They tried to take Grazia from Salvatore, but the Fiori prince won’t let anyone commit that crime.

He’s ready to crack the sky open and fight whatever God dares to stand between him and the woman he loves.

It’s hard to be loved with such intensity, you have no air to breathe. It’s hard to love a man like Salvatore and not be able to be with him because of a feud between famiglias. Grazia is loyal to her father, her brothers, but she can’t deny that her heart beats for only one man, and when she learns that sometimes water is thicker than blood, and betrayal and humiliation can start at home, she runs to Salvatore, ready to take his name and begin their reign.

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