Magic and Contrast by S.R. Griffith (Epub)

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Magic and Contrast by S.R. Griffith (Epub)

Searching through the archive machine, I found a spell. What happens when my friend tells me to read it out loud?

I’m running late on this job. It’s the middle of the night and I’m frantically editing these pictures of this incredibly handsome man. All the models are though. What makes him different? The reason I am running late? I decided to go down a rabbit hole trying to find an old angelfire website. I didn’t find the thing I wanted but I found an old page full of love spells. I say one out loud and a something…or someone..crashes into my life.

He says he’s a vampire and he wants me for more than just my blood. He says we’re fated. Forever. Even before I said the words, something about him called to me. Could it be fate? What happens when a human starts a relationship with a vampire?

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