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August 28, 2022
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You are the shining star!
Magic Star is not only a music game,but also an idol world.You can really customize your characters. When you dance you can freely switch between 3D scenes and 2D scenes to feel the different visual effects. The main functions of the game include karaoke, dance, real-life social interaction and idol role-playing, house system, etc. Players can experience a variety of novel and interesting music rhythm games, as well as collect luxurious costumes.You may find a couple while playing the game. Click and download right now!

※Immersive Karaoke
The karaoke mode has traditional single room and also accommodate multiple players to sing together. Players can choose their favorite songs. The system will automatically sort their songs, players can choose different singing styles according to their own preferences! If you don’t want to sing that song, you can skip the song directly~ an immersive singing experience! At home, you can also experience the fun of Karaoke!

※ Dance Master
There are 4 dance modes: tempo mode, tradition mode,rhythm mode and classic mode. All kinds of trendy music and smooth dance moves, spinning, jumping,waving~Give players a real stage dancing experience, players can adjust dance speed according to the their preferences, Experience a special rhythm! Join a dance guild, participate in qualifying competitions, show your dance skills with all players on the server!

※ Century Wedding
Magic Star is not only a world of dancing and singing but also a world of romanticism, players can meet new friends,send gifts,make a romantic confession to your love. Even holding a gorgeous wedding here.Wearing your wedding dress,inviting your friends to your wedding,adopting a lovely baby~

※ Trendy OOTD
Variety of clothing,customize your OOTD~Sexy European and American style, French romantic style,Japanese style, Korean style, Lolita dress,summer bikini, gentleman suit, gorgeous wedding dress and so on~ Fantasy wings and cool mounts~ You are the most shining star!

※Join us
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