Making it Country ePUB by Alexandra Hale


Making it Country ePUB by Alexandra Hale
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Alexandra Hale
December 6, 2022
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Making it Country ePUB by Alexandra Hale

What happens when a big city girl crashes into your small town – and your truck?

Nothing good. Especially when she looks like Isla Andrews.

Being in prison changes a man.

Being in prison for something you didn’t do – no really – that’s something that’s hard to shake.

But paying for someone else’s sins every day since? It’s something that’s branded on my soul.

That’s why I live and breathe according to a plan.

It’s simple – just like my life.

My family comes first.

I can’t afford distractions.

But one look at Isla Andrews and I know she’s about to destroy my carefully crafted existence.

And my resolve.

We’re from two different worlds.

She’s temptation wrapped in a sophisticated package with sky-high heels.

I’m small-town country with work boots and grease under my nails.

But I can’t stay away.

My need to dominate her, possess her, has me spiraling out of control.

I should’ve walked away, but nothing has ever felt so right.

But one moment in time, one misstep threatens everything I’ve worked so hard to maintain.

My livelihood, my freedom, my family – are all at stake.

And still, none of it compares to watching Isla walk out of my life.

Am I willing to risk it all on my City Girl?

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