Maniac’s Imp by Ciara St James (epub)

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Maniac’s Imp by Ciara St James (epub)

Maniac’s early life hasn’t been the easiest and it left scars, both physical and mental. Thankfully, he found the Iron Punishers before things could go too far and he found a family he could rely on. It’s this family that he works to protect as their VP.

Despite his love for his club family, he’s gotten restless and hates the fact he doesn’t have a family of his own━ an old lady and kids. He has no idea that a recommendation from a fellow Punisher will lead him not only to help a local center for at-risk kids, but to find what he thinks is outside his grasp.

Lark runs the Fortress of Bravery. Her passion is the kids who go there and bettering their lives, especially getting them away from gangs. She’s had her own experience with them and that has changed her life forever. Meeting the Punishers and especially Maniac, makes her think of all she lost along the way.

As the club gets to know her and the Fortress kids, Maniac tries his best to get close to her. As he does, both their pasts are revealed as well as the threats she deals with daily and what some of her kids do as well. He isn’t the only one with scars and a past.

As the Punishers work to eliminate the gang presence in their town, Maniac and Lark grow closer. What they both want is within grasp, as long as Maniac and his club can take out the gangs stalking Lark and the Fortress before they take out her. No matter what it takes, nothing is standing in his way of claiming her as Maniac’s Imp, not even bullets and death.

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