Mated to the Manticore ePUB by Celeste King


Mated to the Manticore ePUB by Celeste King
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Celeste King
December 5, 2022
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Mated to the Manticore ePUB by Celeste King

Strong, muscled, commanding…and furry.
It’s time the world met my manticore mate.

Dehydrated and nearly dead, I landed on the island of a forgotten race.
Feline beasts who looked at me with suspicious eye.
They were going to kill me.

Until Rikran saved me.

He welcomed me to his island.
He healed my wounds. And tended to the pain I was running away from.
But his people continue to hate me.
They see in me what they seek to avoid and they force Rikran to choose.

His heart. Or his race.
Our worlds will collide. They will seek to destroy our love. But we will survive.

Because anyone who says a manticore’s bark is worse than his bite…
…has never had a mate like mine.

Author’s Note: This full length monster fantasy romance is dark, but sweet. Please note there are dark themes present.

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