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Me Chat MOD APK: Love Secret is a game that gives you a real-life chat experience
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PlayMe Studio
August 28, 2022
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Here you can meet new people, befriend them, and share your stories. Or, you can find the one true love and live a romantic life with him/her. Countless things will appeal to you to play the game for hours and explore passionate stories. Moreover, you would be surprised to know that the characters in the stories are anime.

So, the game starts with you selecting a name and then choosing your avatar that could be people or animals. After that, you can choose your zodiac and your life passion like summing, dancing, writing, and more. These two things make Me Chat stand out from the other chat room stories. Finally, hit the genre you like, and you are good to go. Then the game suggests to you some mates according to the things you chose earlier. This helps you find the perfect date effortlessly.

With everything set you select your date and start chatting with them. While chatting, you don’t have to type anything. Rather, the game has it all planned and gives you the answer you can choose from. But, you have to answer carefully unless you want to lose your date.

Mod Features

1) Your gems will never decrease when you spend them.

2) No Bans

3) Free Exclusive characters – Turn on Exclusive character at the beginning of game and you will be able to choose exclusive characters for free.

58 comments on "MeChat MOD APK 3.2.0 (Unlimited Gems)"

  1. Rineechan says:

    Really hope you guys can update this game, and thank you so much for your work on this game. I really appreciate it.🥰

  2. Полина says:

    Please update to version 3.0.2
    Thanks for your work ☺️

  3. Lunaris says:

    I know that you guys aren’t updating any apps anymore but I hope you can update this to the latest version 3.0.2 ☺️ thank you so much in advance.

  4. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod 3.0.2

  5. Полина says:

    Please update to version 3.0.2

  6. YulikaZhdan says:

    Moon Chai Story
    unlimited cookies

  7. Lunaris says:

    Hi ☺️ can you update this to the latest version 3.0.1. Thank you in advance.

  8. Banner says:

    hey, can u update to 2.20.2 and also why is premium characters not available now 🤔🤔??

  9. smily says:

    Hello thank you for mod but when I open the app it show warning download from store

  10. Lunaris says:

    Hi, can you please update this to 2.20.1? Thank you again in advance 😊

  11. Lunaris says:

    Thank you for the update ^^

  12. Lunaris says:

    Can you please update this to 2.19.3? Thank you so much in advance😊

  13. Dee says:


    When I try to run this version, I get a pop up saying “warning: Please download app from Google Play store”

  14. cdizzle says:

    can you please update to 2.19.2? thanks so much appreciate you!

  15. Carl says:

    Hello there, can you please mod the below games to unlock all chapters and choices, it is a two part game from Choices game LLC.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  16. Keii says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but one exclusive character worked for me. I had the XC enabled when starting the game (whatever it does now lol), I swiped right on the exclusive character, got the “It’s a match!” animation then they asked me to pay for it. I closed the app, restarted it and the character was in my matches.

    Anyway, thanks for the update!

  17. Danyel129 says:

    Can you please update to 2.19.0? Thank you so much!

    • Danyel129 says:

      Thank you so much for updating so fast! The mod works great! Can you also take a look at this game please? I know it is in japanese but I will use Bluestacks 5 cause it has translations.Attack and defence would be good.Thank you so much!

  18. nour says:

    Hi! Can you please make a mod for: league of dreamers – my story

    Free premium choices/ wardrobe items

  19. adictoaddict says:

    Yeah, free exclusive characters feature is not working. Hopefully it can be modded again 😭

  20. YulikaZhdan says:

    The free exclusive characters function is no longer working. 😩

  21. Alice says:

    Thank you so much!

  22. Danyel129 says:

    Can you please update to 2.18.0? Thanks!

  23. stayrebellious says:

    There is a new update, 2.17.1 🙂

  24. minarune says:

    I downloaded the mod and the menu works but when I go into the conversations it crashes. I already deleted and reinstalled twice. What else can I do?

  25. marinamsouza6 says:

    Could you please update it to 2.17.1? Thank you so much. You do a great job! 💜

  26. Chenchen says:

    Hi! I just downloaded this in my new phone but it just keeps on loading and I can’t play it.. Can you assist me with this?

  27. aninha0812 says:

    Hi admin, after the last update, the mod doesnt work anymore.

  28. YulikaZhdan says:

    Can you please update to 2.17.0

  29. dontlikeusername says:

    please mod last empire war z, very popular strategy game, I’d cry if you did 😢 mod diamonds

  30. Thaty says:

    Thanks for the admin mod

  31. YulikaZhdan says:

    pls update mod

  32. Danyel129 says:

    Hello!Can you please update to 2.15.5? Thank you.

  33. Kala says:

    Hi, sorry to bother. I love the mods apps you make and wish you could mod the game from the link below.

  34. YulikaZhdan says:

    Free Exclusive characters!!!! You best!!!

  35. letis801 says:

    Ho! Thanks for your hard work. So, I’d like to request some games… they’re all from genius inc, but it’s really impossible to find mods lately. So, I was wondering, is it possible to mod them? If it is, I would like either the unlimited rubies or the free premium choices… In case, here are the various links:
    (sorry in advance for the loooooong list ;u;)

    Quest of Lost Memories

    Spirits if the Shrine

    Casefile: Tokyo Noir

    Love on the Edge

    Conspiracies of the Heart

    My Ninja Destiny

    Isekai: Warrior’s Kiss

    Shop of Forgotten Memories

    Demon Hunter: Cursed Hearts

    Lustrous Hearts

    My Sweet Shifter Remake

    Queen Pirate: Love Adrift

    Charming Tails


    Chase Love in Japan

    Lullaby of Demonia

    Wanted: Gunslinger’s Kiss

    Twilight Lovers Remake

    Onmyoji: Beyond Time

    Again, thank you. Really.

  36. Danyel129 says:

    Hello! There is a new update 2.15.4 can you please update?Also if it’s not too much to ask , can you try to unlock exclusive characters too?Thank you in advance!

  37. mckenzieee says:

    There’s a new update. Could u update it?

  38. Rosie says:

    Do the stories actually continue after they’re grayed out or is it up to the reader to interpret/make up their own ending?

  39. Seiren says:

    Hello! I keep getting “An unknown error. Please contact the modder”. Not only in this app, but in the other downloaded from your website too… This never happened before.
    I tried everything in troubleshoot, including a few difference VPNs,but nothing helps. Is there really nothing that can be done? TT_TT

  40. starlette says:

    Hii! there’s a new update 😄 version 1.15.2, could you please update it? 🖤

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