Meet Hate Love by Stevie J. Cole (ePUB)

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Meet Hate Love by Stevie J. Cole (ePUB)

An act of hysterical blackmail between two work enemies kicks off this flirty and utterly ridiculous laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from USA TODAY bestselling author Stevie J. Cole.

I hated Vance Morgan, my arrogant office mate, more than anyone in the world. And yet, there I was, on a Paris-bound flight, cramped in the small space by his six-foot-four, arrogant frame.
And why?
Because after the sexy, thieving bastard stole my dream assignment, I found out he had a Lonely Fans page. One dedicated to pictures of his man-meat stick in front of world monuments. So, I did what any rational woman in my situation would do. I blackmailed his hot, article-swindling behind.
The problem was, he blackmailed me right back. And thanks to him and his can’t lose-attitude, we ended up stuck together, traveling around Europe while coming up with tips and tricks on how to survive vacationing with someone you hate. Easy. I despised the man. Or at least I did until a few days of tiny hotel rooms and steamy tension came to a massive head.
But what happens in Paris stays in Paris, until it doesn’t. Because what I brought back with me was much more than I’d ever bargain for.

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