Merely Lust ePUB by Anna Lowe


Merely Lust ePUB by Anna Lowe
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Anna Lowe
December 30, 2022
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Merely Lust ePUB by Anna Lowe

Iris was just offered the chance to live forever. Young and with dreams to experience
the world, there was nothing else she wanted more than to be immortal. The catch?
She had to marry the dashing and rich vampire, Nikolas Ambrosi. She had not known him for long,but their one night together was more than enough to make her think such a plan was not so bad.

Nikolas was, by all means, the ultimate bachelor, and his centuries of experience had made him an expert in distinguishing physical relationship from love.
Their marriage was nothing but a means to an end, but would Iris’ human heart
be able to keep her feelings from him?

To complicate things even further, rogue vampires were starting to wreak havoc in Miami. Nikolas had no choice but to deal with it himself. But what if these rogue vampires came for Iris? Would Nikolas be strong enough to protect the woman he had slowly come to feel for or would it be regret and loss for him?

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