Midlife Billionaire’s Nanny ePUB by Claire Angel


Midlife Billionaire's Nanny ePUB by Claire Angel
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Claire Angel
January 3, 2023
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Midlife Billionaire’s Nanny ePUB by Claire Angel

Lewis should know better than to lust after his nanny.
After all, she’s too young for him. And his son, Kevin, needs someone like her.
But the more time they spend together, the more he can’t help but think about her sexy lips, her expressive eyes, the way she bends to his will…

Mia is hired on as a nanny for a rich guy but she has no idea what he’ll do to her mind and body…
She’s exactly what he’s looking for, someone who’s good with his son, of course, but it’s more than that.
She awakens dark desires in Lewis and loves doing what she’s told.
Mia has secrets of her own: an unresolved past she ran from, her own deep desires to be dominated, and an untouched innocence that drives Lewis wild.
He’s demanding and harsh, sexy and domineering.
And the way he touches her leaves her craving more. And the way he talks to her leaves her trembling in anticipation.
He’ll stop at nothing to have her.
First, he’ll have to help her break down her barriers so she can fully submit to him.
Once he can possess her fully, there will be no turning back… for either of them.

But her past is about to erupt in her face and she is about to unintentionally break the rules Lewis put in place.
Will he fire her? Or will he do everything in his power to keep her as his nanny?
One thing is for sure, her past might be awful, but Lewis is worse than anything she has faced. He’s not about to let anything rip her away from his home, his son, or his arms…
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