Monster Girl Catcher 2 ePUB by Hankyu Hikaru


Monster Girl Catcher 2 ePUB by Hankyu Hikaru
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Hankyu Hikaru
November 3, 2022
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Monster Girl Catcher 2 ePUB by Hankyu Hikaru

Tem has captured his first monster girl. Now, he wants nothing more than to toss her onto a soft bale of hay and spend some “quality time” together.

But the Kingdom of Centralia will not wait. Duty calls. Everywhere, men are dying, seduced and sucked dry by feral monster girls. Only Tim of Earth, summoned to Centralia as Tem of Urf, can save the kingdom from annihilation.

Tem and his dragon girl Fae travel northward to the walled city of Arrowside. There, a mysterious sorceress offers a clue to the monster girls’ origins. But Tem soon discovers the city is not what it claims. A darkness hides in the city’s belly. A darkness, sensual and alluring, that will bring Tem to the heights of physical pleasure … and perhaps also cost him his life.

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