Monstrous Cravings MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

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Monstrous Cravings: Otome Game MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


Amidst a city plagued by consumption and vampires, you seek to uncover the truth behind your brother’s disappearance. But as you investigate, you’re suddenly whisked away by a distinguished vampire gentleman to join a secret organization. The group seems to be fighting against the darkness, but the question remains—as a creature of the night, can this man really be trusted?


Tarquinn Ravencroft — Dire Vampire

Tarquinn Ravencroft is the epitome of a powerful and mysterious vampire. With a grip on the underworld, he commands the attention of all who cross his path, yet beneath his devilish exterior lies a heart of gold. When he rescues you from a life of hardship, he opens up a new world of secrets and passion. Will you fall for his dangerous allure or will he be the one to break your heart?

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