More Beautiful Than Before by Molly McCarthy (ePUB)


More Beautiful Than Before by Molly McCarthy (ePUB)
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Molly McCarthy
January 23, 2023
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It was just supposed to be a one-night stand.

Fletcher rarely does anything wild. As a father figure to his two younger brothers and the newly appointed principal of an elementary school, he’s about as straightlaced as they come. Maeve is new to town and looking to start a fresh chapter in her life. As a newly single mother, she tends to be equally tame, but when the two meet at a local bar, sparks fly instantly.
Each looking to blow off some steam for their own reasons, a quick romp seems like the perfect solution…until they wind up being connected in a way that makes never seeing each other again impossible. Fletcher is eager to pursue Maeve, but she’s not so enthusiastic about the prospect of a relationship. Still haunted by ghosts from her past, she’s not ready to give Fletcher the family he’s always longed for.
As they get to know each other, Fletcher slowly uncovers Maeve’s secrets and shows her that he’s a trustworthy partner. He fits so seamlessly into her world that she can’t help but give him a chance. At first, things are great…until their relationship poses a threat to the new life Maeve has been creating with her children. Then, she’s left to decide: is love worth the risk?

This book contains contains strong language, sexual content, and mentions of domestic violence.

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