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Moshe by Mirrah McGee (ePUB)

As the Avraham Avinu, or father of the Jewish Mafia, my shoulders bear a heavy burden. The safety of not only my family, but those that have pledged their allegiance to me, is only the tip of the iceberg. I work hard, and I play harder. My brothers, cousins and I are never without willing company, however, our mothers are not shy about voicing their desires for us to find someone that grounds us, balances the bloodshed with unconditional support and love.
I’ve never shied away from my responsibilities, I’ve never run when I could fight.
And despite her many, many rejections, Seril is worth fighting for. Her safety becomes paramount and I will stand between her and danger everytime, willing to go to any length to ensure it.
After all, I’ve got plenty of ammo.

Author’s Note: Moshe is book one of the Kosher Nostra series, part of the Covenenat of Ascent. All three series under the COA can be read as standalone, or together for a more enjoyment. This book contains coarse language and strong sexual content. If crude humor, pop culture references, violence, and smexy times are not your matza, please do not nosh.

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