My Daddy Is An Assassin by Aster Rae (epub)

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My Daddy Is An Assassin by Aster Rae (epub)

I’m a deadly assassin. Why do I want to be a Daddy, too?

That’s it–I’m done with relationships. I tried my best. I swear!

When your now ex-boy is looking up “daddies in the area” and sneaking around dark alleys late at night, you’ve failed as a partner.

For crap’s sake–I might be the WORST protector ever. Not exactly a confidence-booster.

Everything changes when my brother Vincenzo sets me up on a blind date with his partner Ryder’s best friend, Cyan.

Cyan is a mature Little–and something explodes out of my heart the second I see him.

He’s sweet as cherry pie, fluffy AF, and exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Can I finally be at peace being Cyan’s forever Daddy?

Or will my past come back to haunt us…

My Daddy Is An Assassin is a full-length MM hitman-lite (if you’ve ever read my books, you know my Mafia dudes prefer cuddling to killing) Daddy romance with a super possessive hitman who has trouble controlling his bodily functions when he lays eyes on his beloved, over-the-top insta-obsession, and a thirty-nine-year-old dino-loving Little who can also fire a gun! Guaranteed super sweet, extra-warm-and-fuzzy HEA!

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